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What Makes Honcho Slides So Comfortable - And Easy On Your Feet

Arch Support - What Makes Honcho Slides So Comfortable - And Easy On Your Feet

First, what are the reasons to avoid most slides and sandals on the market?

Lately, some experts have said that sandals and flip flops are 'bad' for your feet.  See Why Flip Flops Are Bad for Your Feet as an example.

But what does 'bad' mean?

According to this article (Are Sandals Bad for Your Feet? Maybe, Maybe Not - by Jim Brown, PhD) the reason sandals and flip flops can be detrimental are several.

"They don’t absorb shock, they have little or no arch support, and they provide even less lateral (side-to-side) support. Sandals offer close to zero protection from objects at ground level, and they’re terrible for jogging, running, or playing a sport.
Flip-flops may be worse. According to Piedmont Health in Atlanta, flip-flops provide no support, which is a leading cause of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Thong flip-flops can cause hammertoe as the toes constantly struggle to hold the foot in the shoe."

Honcho Slides Arch Support

These are all excellent points and we absolutely agree. This is precisely why we at Honcho Slides have searched for footwear that provides great arch support, and good lateral support. As a result our slides fit comfortably and snugly against the foot in such a way that your toes don't have to try to grip like a flip flop.  Thus, these avoid causing or aggravating conditions such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis. 

 Honcho slides molded footbed are lightweight, soft, and have great arch support and lateral support

It's All In the Design

The molded design keeps your foot cradled in the insole, without sliding or flopping around like a loose-fitting flip-flop or sandal. Although you still wouldn't want to wear them to play a sport, or go jogging, they are excellent to use taking a stroll around the neighborhood, going shopping, or going sightseeing on vacation. 

Because of their waterproof EVA construction, they are equally at ease at the beach or the pool. Don't let their cushy soft comfort fool you. They are a terrific alternative to flip-flops. In fact, they don't absorb any water at all, the surface dries quickly or can be wiped dry, and they are very lightweight and portable. This makes them the perfect summer vacation shoe! 

Honcho Slides are comfortable, versatile, and great for the beach

And at a reasonable price? Where do I sign up?

We recognize that Honcho Slides are not your only option when it comes to comfort footwear. However, they do rival the big name brand options in terms of style and comfort. What really sets them apart is that when you look at the other options in the 'comfort slide' category, most of them are quite expensive. As a result, you can easily drop $100 or more on those other slides.

Are you really getting any more for your money? Try out a pair of Honcho Slides in any color or pattern. Then take a walk in them and see for yourself.

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